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The Chosen One with Crystal Shard
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The Chosen One with Crystal Shard

The Chosen One is an heirloom quality saber, assembled from over 25 individual precision-machined aluminum parts, hand finished and mirror polished. With a main body diameter of only 1.25" and an overall length of 10.25" this is one of the most compact sabers available.

The Chosen Ones is now available with either Crystal Focus or Crystal Shard sound board. Crystal Shard Chosen One's have PlecterPixel available. 

  • $949
  • Estimated Shipping Weight
    3.5 lbs
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The internal chassis system securely holds the Plecter Labs™ Crystal Shard™ sound board, as well as the internal battery and charging port. Both the activation and auxiliary switches are hidden behind aesthetic features where they are easy to use but do not detract from the overall design.

The brass knob on the back of the saber doubles as the retention screw for the 1" diameter blade. The grips are made from injection molded rubber, and each covertec wheel is individually serialized. All black accent parts have a high quality, wear resistant, anodized finish. The pommel has vents to allow for clear and loud sound effects, but an additional vent-free pommel is available.

While all parts are designed to be as durable as possible, and the chassis system holds all electronics securely, heavy dueling is not recommended with this saber due to a necessarily shallow blade socket.

Included Items:

  • The Chosen One Saber.
  • Auto voltage sensing charger.
  • Accurate blade plug.
  • 1" x 34"  blade.

Lead Time: 12-16 Weeks*

* Lead times are estimates and vary based on availability and order volume. Products are made in batches of similar variants, and may not be produced in the exact order that they were purchased.

Guides and Manuals:

Chosen One F.A.Q.

PlecterPixel F.A.Q.

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  • Insurance
    International, Domestic (US)
  • Accurate Pommel (Add-on)
    No, Yes
  • Blade Tip
    Round, Bullet
  • LED
    • Main LED
      Blue, Green, Red, White, RGB, PlecterPixel
    • Flash On Clash Color
      White, Green, Red, Blue, Royal Blue, (Choose this if RGB or PlecterPixel selected above)