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Hero with Crystal Focus
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Hero with Crystal Focus

The Hero was designed from the ground up, with the avid dueler in mind. There are no loose parts that can fall off or be knocked loose while handling the saber, and the thin neck is the strongest on any iteration of this saber to date. The edges and corners of the control box were slightly rounded to ensure comfort while not sacrificing visual appeal. Sabers take 1" blades, heavy grade not recommended.

The Hero is now available with either Crystal Focus or Crystal Shard sound board.

  • $999
  • Estimated Shipping Weight
    3.3 lbs
  • SKU

Sabers are built to order. Each saber comes with a charger and a 34" dual diffused blade, with shine through tip.

Lead Time: 12-16 Weeks*

* Lead times are estimates and vary based on availability and order volume. Products are made in batches of similar variants, and may not be produced in the exact order that they were purchased.

Guides and Manuals:

Hero F.A.Q.

Hero Operation Manual

Forgot something when you ordered? You can order Add-ons on this page.

  • Main LED
    RGB, Blue, Green, Red, White
  • Flash On Clash Color
    White, Green, Red, Blue, Royal Blue, (Choose this if RGB selected above)
  • Emitter Style
    Standard - For Dueling, Removed - For Increased Visual Accuracy
  • Control Box LED
    No, Blinking, Static
  • Blade Plug
    None, Standard, Standard Photon, Accurate, Accurate Photon
  • Insurance
    International, Domestic (US)
  • Finish
    Machine, Matte, Light Weathering, Medium Weathering, Heavy Weathering
  • Blade Tip
    Round, Bullet