October Update

Hey everyone, I know we haven’t been putting out a lot of updates recently, the further into production we go the less time we have for writing updates and responding to inquiries. We have had a small number of customers take up a very large amount of production time with update requests, which leads to the big announcement of the day: we are going to go “offline” from Facebook for a little while. We recently had to ban some people from our page for trolling, namely a customer who charged back his order shortly before it was completed (and not very far past the estimated lead time), but he lost the dispute and then tried to sell his slot before the dispute process concluded (banks can draw those out for months). This caused further delays for him, for us, and for the person who wanted to purchase his slot, and now we keep seeing unwarranted posts from him on our page and elsewhere.

Given the volume of update requests, comments, and other types of inquiries, it’s hard for us to balance both communication through Facebook and the manufacturing process. We will still be keeping an eye on Emails (admin@evolutionarms.com) for any order-related inquiries, but we are not able to provide individual updates at this time.  We will be going through our messages today to make sure we have all outstanding order-related inquiries taken care of, but beyond that, we won’t likely be able to respond individually to everyone.

Both the Heroes and the Chosen Ones are in production, naturally the Chosen Ones are further along the process, but they are also a much more challenging. We don’t have a lot of details to share, because while we want to show everyone our progress and we want to show off cool things, past experience has taught us to be cautious about what we do and do not share. Some of the things our customers would most like to see are also things our competitors want to see as well, many times in the past another smith has “magically” come out with suspiciously similar things that they rushed through production before we were finished. Especially with the Heroes, which we are designing and producing in association with Vader’s Vault.  Many of the changes that we made are proprietary, and it’s not just up to Evolution Arms to decide what can and can’t be shared before the product is done and shipping.

We understand that this is going to be a frustrating time for a lot of you, but we can’t keep up with all of update requests and keep manufacturing going at full speed.  For a long time we tried to operate by responding as quickly as possible to anyone who had an outstanding order, but it’s just not reasonable to continue responding that way.  We also understand that a lot of you want a new ETA. We hesitate to provide estimates because the last time we did that (it’s listed on the product page) we went over, and people started treating the estimate as some kind of guarantee. So please understand, the following is an estimate, it is not a guarantee. This is a goal we are setting for ourselves.

We are targeting November First for completion of Hero machining. That means parts should be manufactured by the start of November, but other steps like finishing, weathering, installing, etc, will still need to be done. While Heroes are being machined, we will be doing finishing work on Chosen One parts. That process is very involved and meticulous, so it is unfortunately slow going.

We really hate posting updates with only bad news.  We are working very hard to ensure that the next update we post will make everyone happy.  For the time being, we will not be posting new updates, instead we will be hard at work machining. When we have new and exciting news, we will be back to let you all know. Sales are still halted until we complete the backlog. Given the number of people asking when we will be putting up more items for sale, we have a pretty big financial incentive to get this done. Regardless, we are still committed to quality over speed.

We do apologize once again for all of the delays, and for the reduced communication. We appreciate how patient many of our customers have been, and we know you will all be happy with the sabers you receive.

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Site Redesign Is Live

When we launched evolutionarms.com, the site design was pretty basic. It wasn’t terrible, but looked fairly dated in a lot of ways. For the last few weeks I have been working on creating a new more modern design that better showcases our products, and that is more mobile friendly. This change coincides with an effort to improve the quality of images and video that we share. Our products have always been, and always will be, designed and constructed with the greatest attention to detail. We thought it was fitting to bring that attention to our website, and to the other content we share online.

The new design is “mobile-first” which means it was created to work on the smallest screen, then expanded.


Evolution Arms storefront, on Chrome for Android.          Evolution Arms storefront, on Chrome for Windows.


The new design features large header images on each page, fully utilizing screen real estate to show off the best photos. The new design is more streamlined, with menus tucked out of the way until they are needed.

Some tweaks are still to come here and there, to make sure everything is working properly and looking great. Feedback is always welcome, whether it’s a suggestion or reporting a problem. You can reply below, send an Email to webmaster@evolutionarms.com, or message us on our Facebook page.

We will have more exiting news in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out here and on Facebook.

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Check out all our social network profiles.

We are now on a few social networks, make sure to follow us to stay up to date on new products and sales.

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Webstore opens 5/4/2017 @11:38AM

Hey everyone,

The web store will officially be opening today, May the Fourth, at 11:38AM.  Available products will be the Fulcrum Katana, Fulcrum Shoto, The Chosen One, and The Dark Apprentice.  We are on schedule for launch and the store link is live.   At exactly 11:38AM we will add stock to each product.

Please note, for some odd reason, our shopping cart service is automatically defaulting the shipping method to express and to California.  There are options that are cheaper than that but it may take some playing around with.  The defaults are eluding us on our end.

Things may be pretty crazy, so good luck and May the Fourth Be With You!

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Website Under Construction

Hey everyone, as you can see, the website is still under construction.  In the meantime, all updates to current and future projects can be found on our Facebook Page.

All products that are currently for sale can be found on our Etsy Store.

The site should be fully operational soon, we just want to make sure everything is perfect before unlocking all areas of the site.



-Alex Gordon

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Welcome to the official Evolution Arms blog.


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